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From Dentures To Permanent Teeth... My Life Has Completely Changed!

The reason why I decided to do this now is that my kids are older. I’ve got graduations to go to, and I’ve got more events to go to with my children. Because of my teeth, I’m kind of in a corner. I’m really ashamed. I’m a young person, and when people see your teeth like that, they assume that you’re old. Your teeth, look terrible. Your teeth have a lot to do with your whole personality because the first thing somebody sees is your mouth. Do you understand? They judge you by your mouth, so I had to do it. Very much, I had to do it.

My kids are happy because I'm happy now. I was always happy, at least to them, but inside, I wasn't happy because I wouldn't take smiling pictures. If I showed you some pictures, my mouth is closed like this because I can't let them see. Now, I'm smiling in every picture. It's like a 360.

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I’ve been to other places. I’m the type of person who if I don’t feel welcome, then can’t come to you. You have some doctors that say, “Come on, let’s rush you.” You’re nervous. Because when you go into a procedure like this, you’re scared. But he understands his patients so he knows how to talk to me. He knows how to calm me down. That’s why I was able to get this procedure done, because if they weren’t so welcoming and… I’m going to use loving and compassionate because to do this, you have to be compassionate because you are changing people’s lives.

Dr. Benjamin Katayev:

Susan came to my practice very anxious and very apprehensive. We took necessary pictures and records, and we came up with the upper and lower All-on-X. We did surgery in one day. In the upper, she got her teeth right away. Three weeks after, we did her teeth in the lower.


It’s an awesome experience. It’s like my whole life changed. Do you understand? It’s from me wearing dentures, to now, I have permanent teeth. I don’t have to take out my teeth and soak them no more. I don’t have to go do any of that no more. Do you understand? I am so happy that I came here. I’m so happy that I met a doctor and the staff that understand me, so they know how to talk to me. They hold my hand, and they tell me, “Okay, step-by-step,” and it calms me down. It makes it an easier process for me.

Dr. Benjamin Katayev:

My most favorite part about Susan, she has so much energy. Every time she comes to the office, she makes everyone laugh. She’s so enthusiastic, especially once she got her smile back, she’s always smiling.


My kids are happy because I’m happy now. I was always happy, at least to them, but inside, I wasn’t happy because I wouldn’t take smiling pictures. If I showed you some pictures, my mouth is closed like this because I can’t let them see. Now, I’m smiling in every picture. It’s like a 360. I’m regaining my life all over again.

When you come here, you’re at peace. I would refer anybody, everybody to come.

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