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A Painless, Anxiety-Free Experience With Dental Anesthesia

Amid the midst of widespread dental fear and anxiety, an ongoing struggle of dental practices everywhere is actually getting patients to come in for their treatments. To be fair, the stereotypes of dentistry in generations past are somewhat well warranted; decades ago, dentists utilized an array of intimidating, scary-looking tools to perform what are now considered crude and outdated procedures. At Dental Group NY in the Bronx and Hollis, NY, we (along with other dental practices in New York City) have adopted streamlined, state-of-the-art technological approaches to sedation dentistry that allow for fast, efficient, nearly pain-free dental procedures. With our full range of sedation dentistry options, you can come in for a dental procedure and leave on the very same day with stunning cosmetic results, and little to no pain or discomfort.

We offer sedation dentistry services customized to your unique level of dental fear to minimize your anxiety and worry.

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Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

Dental Anesthesia: Current Services We Offer

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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is broad in its scope and can be used in a variety of applications to eliminate pain and discomfort from a variety of dental procedures. At Dental Group NY, Dr. Benjamin Katayev will personally discuss with you which oral sedation dentistry option is best for your needs. Many of our treatments, including tooth extractions and full mouth dental implants, mandate some type of dental anesthesia. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the strength of your sedation dentistry, you may need to arrange transportation to and from our office in either the Bronx or Hollis, Queens.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is used to lower stress and eliminate anxiety, making you feel more comfortable in the operating chair. In most instances, IV sedation is powerful enough to eliminate dental fear and anxiety completely. While most patients will remain awake with IV sedation dentistry, you can drive yourself home after your procedure. However, this will depend on how long you were sedated.

From Cleanings to Complex Surgeries, Never Postpone the Care You Need

Sedation dentistry is far more than simply taking the pain away from a complex treatment or procedure. Dental sedation offers patients the opportunity to receive crucial oral care in circumstances where they may otherwise have forgone treatment as a result of fear or anxiety. Many serious health complications arise from inadequate oral health. For this reason alone, it is imperative to receive the oral care and attention you need as quickly as possible. If you are one of the millions of people worldwide that suffer from dental anxiety, rest assured that the team at Dental Group NY delivers warm, friendly service and always prioritizes a comfortable and pain-free experience for everyone. Whether you’re in need of a simple routine cleaning or a full oral restoration with dental implants, do not postpone getting the care and treatment you need. The benefit of quality dental care is life-changing, which is why it is imperative to not let fear or anxiety get in between you and a lifetime of oral health. If you are filled with dread or anxiety every time you think about going to the dentist, give our team a call today at Dental Group NY and witness for yourself the warm, welcoming, friendly environment we’ve become known for right here in our beloved Bronx community. We’re here to help you get the care you need, and it is our goal and privilege to provide you with a lifetime of oral health and happiness.
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Don't let dental anxiety get in the way of your oral health.

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