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A Brand-New Smile is a Priceless Investment

Not all damaged teeth need to be extracted. In fact, damage from chips, cracks, and even decay can often be repaired with a dental crown – which essentially is a custom fabricated porcelain cap that permanently adheres on top of an existing tooth. Crowns are a simple, convenient, affordable solution that can repair cosmetic defects and help patients regain their smile confidence. At Dental Group NY in the Bronx and Hollis, Queens, we make all of our custom bridges and crowns right here on-site in a custom crown and bridge lab with an advanced, state-of-the-art 3D printer.

This means fast, efficient, seamless repair that will have you showing off a brilliant, perfect new smile in a matter of days. Dr. Benjamin Katayev and the expert cosmetic team at Dental Group NY custom fabricate crowns and bridges from porcelain or ceramic, depending on the needs of the patient. Our tooth crowns are handcrafted to perfectly match the color, shade, and contour lines of each patient’s facial features, and this results in a smile solution that is beautiful, natural, and durable for normal everyday use.

At Dental Group NY our dentist and dental team are skilled in these restorative treatments and have the artistic eye to provide aesthetically attractive outcomes, as well as returning function to your tooth.

Dental Crowns: A Painless Solution for Smile Imperfections

In severe instances where a patient is missing all of their teeth, in-depth surgical procedures such as full mouth dental implants are often necessary. In the event of a single missing or damaged tooth, however, dental crowns are a quick and painless solution. A crown is essentially a tooth cap that repairs teeth that are too damaged to receive a composite filling. Crowns can be used to preserve a tooth after a root canal treatment, or to repair a chipped or damaged implant restoration. When fabricated properly based on a detailed impression of a patient’s teeth, dental crowns and bridges can offer numerous benefits, including:

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Dental Bridges: Quickly and Seamlessly Replace Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are essentially a series of crowns that are fused together to span gaps where two or more adjacent teeth are missing or severely damaged. As is the case with our custom crown fabrication, our team of cosmetic experts at Dental Group NY are take detailed impressions and custom fabricate perfect, long-lasting dental bridges in-house right here at our Bronx, NY, location. Dental bridges are engineered and fabricated to highlight the unique facial features of each patient, including subtle details such as precision-matching the unique color and shade of existing teeth. Additional benefits of dental bridges include:
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How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in the Bronx and Queens, NY?

When a patient has a missing or damaged tooth, one of the first questions we get is: how much is it going to cost to fix it? The reality is, there are numerous solutions when it comes to corrective repair for a missing or damaged tooth. As one of the most cost-effective options, dental crowns and bridges are far less expensive than multi-stage restoration solutions such as dental implants. Still, it is impossible to say exactly how much a dental crown costs in the Bronx, or at our Queens location, as each patient’s oral needs are unique and must be met accordingly. To discuss your unique oral healthcare needs, call or visit our Bronx and Hollis, NY, location today and speak with one of our friendly team members about your candidacy for a dental crown or bridge.

The fast and affordable way to save your smile.

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