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What is a Dental Bone Graft, and When is it Needed?

Bone grafting procedures are most commonly needed prior to a patient receiving full mouth dental implants. In order for implants to be successful, adequate bone must be present in order to accept the surgical placement of the titanium implant. When inadequate bone is not present, a dental bone graft, including sinus lift surgery and ridge expansions, must be performed prior to the oral restoration. The dental bone graft treatment is the simple transfer of bone cell matrix from one part of the body to another part. In the event that additional bone mass is needed in the upper jaw, a sinus lift procedure is performed to lift the maxillary sinus membrane and create enough room for the implant post. In the event the jaw is not wide enough to accept an implant post, a ridge expansion procedure must be performed in order to widen the jaw.

The dental bone graft treatment is the simple transfer of bone cell matrix from one part of the body to another part.

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Healthy Bone is the Foundation for Long-Term Oral Health

No matter the specific reason that a sinus lift or bone grafting procedure is carried out, the foundation of all oral health begins with quality, healthy bone in the jaw and gums. Like the soft tissue of the gums, the jawbone is made up of living, dynamic cells that are prone to disease and infection. When soft tissue of the gums is inflamed or infected, bone mass begins to deteriorate – increasing the risk of a variety of serious oral and systemic health complications.

Of course, the jawbone also acts as an anchor to permanently support tooth and root structures in the mouth. If you are suffering from missing or severely damaged teeth, a bone grafting procedure may be required before we can carry out the proper corrective procedure. Dental Group NY is the Bronx’s best option when bone grafting is necessary; Dr. Benjamin Katayev and our team have decades of cumulative experience in complex oral surgery procedures, and we boast a full range of sedation options to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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Common Reasons for Upper and Lower Jaw Bone Loss

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A Customized Treatment for Each Unique Patient

One of the things that make Dental Group NY stand out amount other practices is our dedication to treating each unique patient. As we’ve discussed, there are a variety of bone grafting procedures depending on the unique situation of each patient.

An autograph is a bone grafting procedure where healthy bone from other parts of the jaw is used. A xenograph, on the other hand, is a bone grafting procedure where bone cell matrix from an animal is used to supplement damaged areas of the jaw. Lastly, an alloplast is a grafting procedure wherein synthetic, man-made material from a calcium matrix is used to build up diminished areas of the jaw.

A Simple and (Nearly) Pain-Free Process

At Dental Group NY in the Bronx and Hollis, NY, Dr. Katayev prioritizes the comfort of each and every patient that comes in for a bone grafting procedure. Using appropriate numbing and sedation agents, we ensure that each procedure is as pain-free as possible.
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Are You In Need of A Bone Grafting Procedure?

If you are in need of a bone grafting procedure in the Bronx or Queens, NY, be sure to call or visit our acclaimed dental office at Dental Group NY. Whether you are in need of dentures, implants, or need to preserve the health of a socket after a tooth extraction, a bone grafting procedure with Dr. Benjamin Katayev and the elite team at Dental Group NY will provide the long-lasting results you’re looking for.

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