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My Full Mouth Rehabilitation Gave Me My Life Back

When I was young, my parents always worked and they never had a chance to take care of my teeth. So far, I had missing teeth and I had a bite that wasn’t closed the right way and I take pain to the next level.

Everything that they do, they thoroughly tell you, what's being done with you. I had my implants done and he made sure that it was the right way.

Dr. Benjamin Katayfv:

First time I met Nadia, she came to my office, very unhappy with her smile. Now she’s very, very happy. Recently, she came in and said, “Doctor, you gave me my life back.”


I’m being tolerant. If my teeth hurt, I was like, “Ah, okay, we’ll go next time, whatever it is.” Then I started losing teeth and I had cavities and everything else. It was a horrible experience. Now that you get older, you need to look the right way with your mouth and it’s important. I’m a people person. I work with people, so you need to know that to represent yourself is the right way.

I did few research, and I came here, and I saw Dr. K. I said, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m very unhappy with my whole mouth. I want to look like a movie star, with a white smile and people can look at me in the way I want it.”

Dr. Benjamin:

We come up with the treatment plan that we’re going to do full mouth rehabilitation. Every time she comes to my office, she’s smiling. She’s happy. Even her husband just called in and he said, “Nadia is so happy with her kids.”


They make sure that you’re very comfortable, that you’re not in pain. Everything that they do, they thoroughly tell you, what’s being done with you. I had my implants done and he made sure that it was the right way.

I personally live in Queens. This place is in the Bronx. People say, “Oh my God, that’s so far and everything else.” I’ll tell you, it’s worth every trip that I come out here because, at the end of the day, I’m a happy customer. I’m happy with my teeth, with my smile, with the way I’m confident with myself. To whole veneer stuff and everything else where he did my caps, everything.

It’s just to the next level. Dr. K and Dental Group New York is one of the best dentists out there.

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